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Please, read carefully the terms for using VirtBg.com before you register. In order to register you need to agree with the terms and conditions. Registry is free of charge. We oblige not to publish and/or provide your personal data (address, telephone, and/or e-mail) to third parties, except when we are required by law. These data can be used only with the purpose to improve the services offered by VirtBg.com.

Rights and obligations of the users of VirtBg.com:
  • Do not publish and/or distribute personal information of third parties. The pictures and information you publish should be your own.
  • Do not publish and/or distribute materials (pictures, video, music, texts, images, etc.), which infringe copyrights, intellectual property of third parties, or violate the law.
  • Do not publish pictures, videos, music, texts, images, internet addresses, etc, which contain pornographic, ethnical, political, religious, racist, sexist or violent materials. VirtBg.com is not liable for damages or missed benefits as a result of published information by a user on the site.
  • Do not use VirtBg.com for advertising or other purposes different from the purpose of the site.
  • Do not destroy or interfere with the services of VirtBg.com.
  • Do not publish, do not send, and do not distribute materials, which contain software viruses, codes for illegal use of software and programs, and/or are designed to penetrate and destroy the computer software and hardware.
  • The user agrees not to use vulgar of offensive remarks and/or threats of violence during the communication with other users on the site.
  • The user is liable for the usage of his/her profile regardless of whether this happens with her/her knowledge. Therefore, the user has to protect his/her username and password and should not provide them to third parties voluntarily or involuntarily. If the user suspects that someone has gained access to his/her profile, he/she can always change his/her username and password and/or let the site administrator know, so that the necessary actions can be taken.
  • The user is responsble for his/her interactions with the other users, for all of his/hers statements, for damages and/or injuries that have resulted from information published by him/her. VirtBg.com cannot be held responsible for any conflicts. The user exempts VirtBg.com from any responsibility for demands, complains and/or damages of any character. The administrator of the site has the right but not the obligation to monitor the communications between the users.
  • Every user can delete his/her registration in VirtBg.com. When the registration is deleted, the user relinquishes all of his/her rights, which he/she had in the site. VirtBg.com is not obligated to restore the registration of the user.
  • The user is obligated not to copy, modify, publish and/or sell any elements under copyright of VirtBg.com

Rights and obligations of VirtBg.com:
  • The administrator of Оbichai.com has the right to delete without notice material that does not meet the terms for using the site - video, music, pictures, texts, images, internet addresses, etc.
  • The administrator of Оbichai.com has the right to delete without notice the user profiles if it is determined that the user does not follow the conditions for using the site.
  • Оbichai.com can publish and use the information and pictures, which the users have published in the site for all his/hers interfaces.
  • Оbichai.com offers an additional paid service - VIP. The use of this service is not mandatory, it is voluntary. The activation or deactivation of this service does not change the existence of the user profile and is not connected with the use of the free services offered by the site. All additional services included in the VIP, the ways to activate the VIP, prices and terms of validity of the service are described in the page "VIP".
  • VirtBg.com has the right to add, change and/or discontinue the offered services, the content and/or the look of the site at any time without any advance warning.
  • VirtBg.com is not liable for the material published on the site by the users . The violation of the terms and conditions for using the site is the full responsibility of the user.
  • VirtBg.com does not guarantee the truthfulness, usefulness, and/or fullness of the information published by the users.
  • VirtBg.com is not liable for any damages or losses resulting from trusting the information published by a user on the site.
  • VirtBg.com is not liable for the usage from third parties of personal information published by the user on the site. The user is obliged to carefully consider the type of information he/she publishes.
  • VirtBg.com can contain links to other sites. VirtBg.com is not liable for the content (products, services, information, etc.) of these sites.
  • VirtBg.com is not liable for any loss of information, etc.

Every user can notify the site administrator at any time for any violations and the appropriate steps will be taken towards the user, who has committed the violation.

Registering at VirtBg.com implies that you have read, understood, and agreed to comply with the terms and conditions for using the site.
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